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About Bald Beagle

Bald Beagle is more than a place to find engaging, educational entertainment content for kids. Bald Beagle is a mission.

Bald Beagle’s mission is to present kids with high-quality educational content that illustrates the great – and sometimes complicated – history and principles of these United States we are blessed to call home. From the founding fathers, to how Government actually works, and what kids can do right now to protect and preserve our constitutional republic.

At Bald Beagle, U.S. history is presented in a fun, exciting video format featuring exciting stories and dynamic new characters. We’re committed to making kids smile, sing, and laugh while also teaching them about our country’s important and often inspiring history. Bald Beagle will also present lessons of the faith and moral principles that our nation was founded on and so many of us still share today.

Bald Beagle is brought to you by the imagination of the ACLJ creative team. Our team of writers, performers, and creators have worked with children’s entertainment leaders like Disney, The Jim Henson Company, and Nickelodeon.

But with Bald Beagle, Moms, Dads, and Grandparents can rest assured that their kids are being taught fundamental truths – not being exposed to some extreme, subversive agenda – through high-quality content that can compete with the best children’s entertainment that television, streaming services, or the internet have to offer.

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